Understanding Your Treatment Options For A Cracked Molar

30 December 2015
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Cracked teeth can be caused by a number of things, ranging from mouth trauma or bruxism (tooth grinding) to poor dental hygiene or even biting down on hard, crunchy foods. Furthermore, cracks can occur on any tooth, but are most commonly found on molars. If you're been suffering from pain while chewing, along with intermittent sensitivity to hot and cold foods/beverages, you may be dealing with a cracked molar. The good news is that there are treatment options you can talk over with a dentist at a clinic like Village Family Dental once your suspicions of a cracked tooth have been confirmed. Read More 

To See Or Not To See The Dentist When You Have A Cold

14 December 2015
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If you are just starting with symptoms, you don't always know if you have a cold or the flu. But when it comes to being contagious, both colds and the flu are infectious diseases that you can spread to others when you talk, sneeze, or cough. Therefore, when you go to the dentist with a viral infection, you are putting other patients in the waiting room, the dental staff, and the dentist at risk of getting sick just from being around you. Read More 

What Everyone Needs To Know About Receding Gums

23 November 2015
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Do your gums look as though they are fading away? Perhaps this is something that you have watched happen gradually over time. If so, you may have an oral condition referred to as receding gums. It occurs as a result of gum tissue pulling away from teeth. Intervention from a dentist is necessary to confirm a diagnosis of receding gums. People who do not go to their dentist in a timely manner to get confirmed diagnosis could place themselves at risk for more serious complications such as their teeth falling out or needing to be extracted if disease is the cause for their receding gums. Read More 

Stages Of Sealants For Children’s Teeth

4 November 2015
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Children can be hard on their teeth without realizing it. A love of candy, a few sodas a week, and regular juice boxes can all cause teeth to gain cavities. This tends to continue into the teenage years, then some people tend to spend their adulthood making up for expensive dental mistakes. If you want to help your child protect their teeth, dental sealants may be the way to go. Here are the stages of sealants that your child may need to go through in order to protect their permanent molars. Read More 

A Chipped Tooth Doesn’t Have To Crack A Hole In Your Wallet

19 October 2015
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A chipped front tooth isn't just embarrassing, it can be sensitive and painful, and it needs to be treated. The tooth and the gum tissue are exposed by the chip and you want to come up with treatment options quickly. Talk with a dentist, like Aaron G Birch, DDS PC, about the possibility of getting temporary veneer until you have a real veneer put on. This is an easier and more affordable option in comparison to having an implant placed in the mouth, and you can get it done quickly after the incident. Read More