3 Reasons Why You Should Get Sleep Apnea Disorder Treatment

18 April 2022
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You should always ensure that you get adequate sleep and maintain a regular cycle to ensure good health and optimum body functionality. However, sleep apnea disorder may interrupt your sleep pattern, causing daytime fatigue and reducing productivity during working hours. This disorder presents when the throat muscles relax and partially obstruct the airway. It may cause snoring, irritability, dry mouth, and episodes of not breathing. This whole experience happens without your consciousness but may present with symptoms like headaches and mood swings when you wake up. Read More 

4 Dental Problems That Can Be Treated With Full Mouth Reconstruction

10 March 2022
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Dentists can provide reconstructive services for patients who have lost or severely damaged their teeth. Full mouth reconstruction is a blanket term that includes many different restorative treatments, such as dental implants, bridges, crowns, dentures, and more. Each patient's full mouth reconstruction treatment is different, depending on the patient's needs, desired outcome, and the current condition of their teeth. However, these restorative techniques can be used to treat a number of different oral problems. Read More 

Mini Dental Implants and Your Jawbone: When You’d Rather Avoid Bone Grafting

28 January 2022
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There are different types of dental implants, in varying sizes. A standard endosteal implant is 13 millimeters in length (or just over half an inch), with a diameter ranging from 3.75 millimeters to 4.1 millimeters (or approximately 0.15 inches to 0.16 inches). An implant of this size provides sufficient stability for any tooth in your dental arch that might need to be replaced, but it relies upon sufficient bone mass in the jaw to stabilize it. Read More