4 Reasons Why Your Teeth May Be Suddenly Sensitive

10 December 2017
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If you're finding your teeth can't handle brushing, eating or drinking as well as they used to, you may find they're simply more sensitive than they used to be. Tooth sensitivity is a common issue affecting at least 40 million adults in the United States at some point in their lives, according to the Academy of General Dentistry. An increase in sensitivity doesn't always mean you have a cavity; there are several other reasons you could find your teeth aching. Read More 

Gums Bleeding? Grab A Teabag

13 November 2017
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There's plenty of misinformation about household objects that are useful for your overall health. One claim states that tea bags can help to stop bleeding from your gums, especially when you've recently suffered an injury. If you're wondering if teabags can actually be helpful, the answer is yes, they can. Read on to learn how teabags can help to slow or stop bleeding from wounds to your gums. Work in Two Ways Read More 

Dental Crown Questions And Concerns Frist-Time Patients May Have

18 October 2017
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Having repair work done to your teeth can be a need that many people will encounter during their lives. Yet, the options for repairing damaged teeth will vary depending on the extent of the damage that has occurred. If you have recently learned that you may need to get a dental crown, learning about this procedure can be an effective way of reducing the stress of receiving these treatments by giving you an understanding about what to expect. Read More 

Dealing With Loose Teeth

18 September 2017
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Are you afraid that a few of your teeth will fall out because they are so loose? Do you know what caused your teeth to become loose? If not, make a prompt dental appointment in case there is something wrong with your jawbones that is contributing to the problem. A dentist might recommend that the teeth are removed so cosmetic dental work can be done to resolve the problem. This article explains what might be wrong with your teeth and how a cosmetic dentist can help. Read More 

How Often Should Children See A Dentist?

24 August 2017
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When children are born, it is recommended that they are taken to see a doctor at certain intervals so as to ensure that they are growing healthy. However, what about dental visits? When should you take your children to the pediatric dentist? Visit at Least One Time Before their First Birthday Yes, even babies need to visit the family dentistry. Most dentists agree that a child should have their first dental checkup before they hit their first birthday. Read More